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what we do

Lighthouse Voyage is a Canadian-based non-profit organization fighting for justice, advocating for equality, and championing freedoms for exploited individuals in India and Nepal. Established to rescue, rehabilitate, and restore, we believe that working in the field with local organizations is the most effective approach to impacting lives. We provide prevention resources, fund rescue operations and rehab centres, and prepare victims for life after exploitation through education, counselling, and personal development.


In Depth



Lighthouse Voyage is involved from start to finish in the healing process. We believe that our work begins when we raise awareness about trafficking in a community, and ends when the individuals we rescue from exploitation and slavery can recover and reintegrate into society as healthy members of a community.



Our work at home in Canada is fuelled by the time and effort of the visual artists, musicians, and writers who come alongside us and spread awareness, raise funds, and educate communities. On the ground in India we provide our services and resources to local organizations, which are better able to integrate into the communities they serve. In both cases, Lighthouse Voyage is blessed to work with incredible partners, whose work we aim to promote and support.

We are approved as a Canadian Non-Profit.



Our goals of restoration and rehabilitation are met by various initiatives across India. The newest and largest is the construction of a girls shelter in the Tamil Nadu region.