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A place of healing

The centrepiece of Lighthouse Voyage’s work for the past few years has been our largest undertaking so far: the construction of a permanent shelter for 100 girls in the Tamil Nadu Region. We are pleased to share with you the story behind its inception and our vision for its future. Please continue to check back in the following months! We’ll update you with snapshots from the construction process and, as the stories of the healing taking place within begin to be told by those whose lives have been radically changed, you’ll be able to find them here.


soil to grow in


taking root

Since its beginnings in 2015, Lighthouse Voyage has worked in various regions of India and Nepal, assisting communities in the practices and procedures associated with the rescue and rehabilitation of exploited individuals. The work we conduct puts us face-to-face with the locals and is a constant source of new opportunities that may be otherwise invisible. 2017 brought with it exactly this sort of opportunity.

Our operations put us in touch with a man named Samuel Jeba Sing, from whom we learned that there was a need for the sort of aid we could provide in the Tamil Nadu region. Our time with Sam left us convinced not only that the work he undertook was highly deserving of our attention and efforts, but that Sam himself was a committed and humble man, ready to steward the resources we could direct his way. In short— we had found good soil in which to nurture a seed.


an upright stem

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Led in humility

The general governance— indeed, the whole vision for this project— is headed by Sam. The CEO and founder of non-profit organization Loving Hands India, Sam is a native of Sundari in Tamil Nadu. A passionately dedicated individual, he currently looks after a smaller home for girls and boys that have been exploited.

Sam wakes at 3am each morning to begin his day in prayer. At 5am, he starts to get ready for the day ahead, preparing resources for school, work, and the crucial first meal of the day for the people in his care. Their day begins at 6:30.

Oasis For the troubled

In a rare display of cross-class support, the community around Sam, which is predominantly of the Brahmin (high status) caste has rallied around him and backed his efforts. His team is small and works tirelessly to combat the trafficking plaguing the state of Tamil Nadu, which has recently been recognized, tragically, as the Indian state with the highest number of trafficking cases.

Sam and his team believe that education plays the most critical role in the fight against exploitation— his process of instilling opportunities for primary, secondary, and post-secondary education in his wards aligns with our model of advocacy at Lighthouse Voyage. We therefore believe wholeheartedly in his cause and believe him to be an excellent role model and future caretaker at the new facility. We are honoured to call Loving Hands India partners in our collective fight against human trafficking.

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healthy branches


growth in community

The future is bright for the girls who will someday rest and recuperate under the care of Sam and the rest of the Loving Hands India team. We hope to continue to fund the shelter’s operations while it takes in more individuals; current capacity sits at 100, but the shelter is designed with eventual expansion in mind.

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