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Build | Advocate | Rescue + Rehabilitate | Educate

2018 marked the start of our BARE initiative, which saw us make a concerted fundraising effort in Calgary, Alberta. Please have a look through our operations breakdown for the year to learn more about our impact to date and our plans for the Tamil Nadu shelter facility.

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This year we plan to help build a small extension on one of our partner’s rehab centers to create a space for the women and children who have been rescued in the state of Tamil Nadu.

The extension to the house will hold 100 more women and children— here they will be able to receive education, healing, and start a new journey of life. The cost to build will be $200,000 - $225,000


We want to share our passion, heart and stories of the individuals we have been able to help. Critically, we want people to hear the stories of these women and children straight from them.

We will be educating people on the causes of human trafficking, on the effects of pornography and how it distorts families, culture and traditions, and on the long-term trauma that comes with abuse. We want to start the conversation and present this information to students in high schools and universities, those working in the workplace, and individuals in places of influence.


Build | Advocate

Rescue + Rehabilitate | Educate

We hope to raise $300,000 this year which will go towards the vision of this year:


We are hoping to save 100 more lives this year. For this to be a reality, we need to create more space in the rehab centers. They are all at full capacity and already investing so much into those living there currently. As we bring new women and children in, there will be a need for more ‘mothers’ and helpers in the centers as well.

We hope to accomplish this through building the extension this year, as well as continuing to support our partners who are on the ground and ‘in the trenches’, fighting for the freedom of women and children.


We want to educate those who have been rescued. This aligns with our mission statement and what we believe. There are so many needs for this to be accomplished, from school supplies, to tables, chairs, books and teachers. Food and water are also practical needs necessary for the wellbeing of these future students. It would be a dream to give each and every child post-secondary education so they could pursue their own passions and dreams. We hope to help over 200 women and children receive an education this year.


This is truly going to be an exciting year for all of us. We don’t know what the Father has in store and where we will be, but I'm thankful for how God has helped me write and share the vision for this upcoming year. So let’s begin.

The vision of Lighthouse Voyage needs to be shared and spoken. We want people to be drawn to our hearts and what we are passionate about, just as we are drawn to this issue. We are here together to make a difference in many people’s lives. 

We want you to take the time to sit down and breathe for a second, and while doing so, think about this: because of your hard work and because of your help, you have been able to impact the lives of 800 women and children. The giving of your heart and support has helped change the course of their lives. We want you to be thankful, proud, and excited for what more can come in this next year!

We are just amazed and in awe of where Lighthouse Voyage is. Our heart is filled to the brim with joy and excitement. We hope you are all as excited as we are! Lighthouse Voyage wants to see a difference and a shift in all of the lives we have touched, and with all the people that come alongside us to see change happen. As we took time to think about what God wants to do in this upcoming year, He has already started to create a path for us and guided us towards a goal.