Restoration is the process of turning brokenness to wholeness and giving new life to a person. It is the reintegration of healthy relationships, it is spiritual health, and it is a process of re-learning one's value as a human being. Victims trafficking, and bondage, have been stripped of the opportunity to live the life they were created for, and we believe that a sense of love, dignity, self-worth, and belonging is absolutely vital to a person’s development and social well-being. Through restoration, we seek to provide a way for people to experience and know these truths about themselves, while being part of a community of believers who are all growing in authentic relationship with God and with others.

We all need to be restored in many aspects in our lives, whether that means we are struggling with depression, anxiety, broken homes, abuse, addiction, mental illness, or anything that destroys our sense of love and worth in the eyes of God. Sadly, many of these terrible things we have listed are a reality especially for one marginalized group of people: humans that are trafficked, in bondage, and exploited. Here at Lighthouse Voyage, we stand together with these people to help restore them from whatever circumstances they have been through to a right relationship with God, themselves, and others.

This organization is founded on the desire to bring light into the darkness, to pierce through the lies and chains of this broken world to restore all people to life in Christ; our restoration process begins with Christ and ends with Christ, since we believe that he is the only one who can set us free. These women and children are in need of a love and comfort they have never experienced. Therefore, as we shine a light on their God-given value to this world, we will help them understand themselves and see how loved they are by Christ and by us. We begin restoration right from the moment that people are saved out of bondage, and work with them through the whole process towards wholeness.