Providing Help in the Rural Areas of India


Andhra Pradesh, India

A rural community five hours away from the closest city of Hyderabad. In areas such as Andhra Pradesh, families tend to have more children than average - many of whom are sold into slavery for a profit. Here, we focus on education: teaching new farming techniques and different revenue streams, educating children, and reinforcing the value of each life.



Rescuing Victims of Sex Trafficking and

Providing Rehab for Men, Women, and Children

Uttar Pradesh, India

A state that is known for its violence, religious tension, and inequality. In Uttar Pradesh, anyone between the ages of four and fifty could find themselves forced into prostitution in the slums and brothels. Here, we are focusing on the slums of the lower castes as well as brothels in the city of Gorakhpur.


Providing Medicine & Education


Madhya Pradesh, India

Madhya Pradesh a state that is known for its inequality towards women, elderly, and people with disability [who they call cursed]. here we are Bringing Medicine and Education to the lower caste; to the people out of reach of general needs but major needs within their own society. many people are divided due to their sickness such as Aids or leprosy, creating cities must for these people suffering in these issues. Due to this they aren't given the proper education, and health care.