Of course, it would be far better if these rescued people were never in bondage in the first place. One of the major reasons we rescue people the way we do is due to the high amount of corruption in the cities and villages among police officers, and so while we continue to rescue one girl at a time, we also tackle this issue by breaking the system, disrupting trafficking routes, and exposing the sources of trafficking with the help of local people. We find the traffickers, but since we cannot always count on the legal system we actually start an intervention with the individual.

Through this process, they will understand that they are creating severe pain, shame, and brokenness in real people and that we can help them change their life around. Yes, we believe that even these people need our help, need to be educated, and can be radically changed as we open their eyes to the reality of what they are doing. By doing this, we address the root problems of trafficking and hope to cause lasting change in India and the world.

Furthermore, we are hoping to have partnership with IJM—International Justice Missionaries. We love and believe in this group and the important work they do on the legal side of this issue. We believe that through working together with their organization we can have a much greater impact and see the suffering of human trafficking, which has gone on for far too long, come to an end. With our local partnership, we believe trafficking, slavery, and bondage, can also be prevented through education in general and on the dangers of trafficking in particular.

Educating the local people about the value of women, the realities of trafficking, and the methods traffickers use is crucial to keep people from being unknowingly sold into slavery. To teach them the value of your children, and the value of women. For example, traffickers often find girls in villages and take them away from their families on the pretence of providing an education. Another example is many women and children are abused by their father, mother, or even other family members. WE reassure them and we hope to teach value into the lives of the abusers and show them the harm they are doing and bringing. We educate those most at risk, the poor, and also provide them with practical knowledge, like new ways for farming, saving money, and creating new income.

This education is important because one of the biggest reasons parents sell their children, become very abusive to them, is that their poverty leaves them no choice, and they see them as an item to gain profit. Another factor, is the caste system and their understanding of the value of a woman; many girls are either killed, sold into exploitation, or subject to hard labour because of their gender. This is why we believe in reaching out to these communities, teaching and educating them on the value of life, the value of a woman, and the necessary details of work and finance.