Finally, one of the greatest weapons we have in combating this issue of human trafficking is Prayer. Prayer is one of the reasons why Lighthouse Voyage is here today and running strong. Without Prayer, we would not have been able to do what we were able to accomplish these last two years.

Through Prayer, we were able to raise funds for the rescue of 800 women and children and provide food, health care, counselling, and education. We were able to carry out investigations, and even help one individual with her post-secondary education.

We truly believe in Prayer as utterly essential to our work. We ask that you join us in prayer, and maybe even start a prayer group to support the mission of Lighthouse Voyage.

Here are some things you can keep in prayer

1. Those who are not yet rescued from bondage

2. Rescued individuals

3. Children who are suffering trauma

4. Women and children who are going through detox

5. Our partner organizations in India

6. All the workers and volunteers that are helping in the rehab centres

7. For new avenues to open for Lighthouse Voyage For the Government of India

8. Families, especially parents who are forced to sell their children

9. For the traffickers to see the truth For pimps to see the truth

10. For the Lighthouse Voyage team as we work to impact the lives of women, children, men, and even pimps and traffickers

11. For every nation where there is still suffering caused by human trafficking

12. For cities not just in India, but even cities in North America, Europe, and Asia where trafficking occurs where we least expect it