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a united effort

We are not alone in our fight against exploitation! The work we conduct in our existing partnerships with organizations on the ground in India is supplemented back home by a growing team of donors, artists, partners in prayer, and brothers and sisters in Christ.


our Partners



Loving Hands India

The collaborator in our largest recent undertaking, Loving Hands India is an organization led by a man named Samuel Jeba Singh. A man of incredible humility, sacrifice, and dedication, Sam leads a small team in the organization and running of a small shelter for boys and girls in Tamil Nadu.

The organization has a special focus on loving the unloved. They bring in women, girls, and boys who have been abandoned or abused sexually and physically, and they work with the children of women trapped in the sex trade. We are uncommonly blessed to be able to work alongside Sam and his team and are excited to share their mission and story with you, as we believe it to be a powerful and powerfully-led foray into the darkness of human trafficking.

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Believers Active Mission (BAM)

Believers Active Mission is based in South India and operates throughout the country and in some regions of Nepal. They work with women and children in rural areas and have a heart for bringing hope to the lives of people in the slums, brothels, and farmlands. BAM has been active for over 20 years, during which they have worked to bring new life and hope through education, medicine, and rehabilitative resources, including several permanent programmes and camps.





David Punnamannil

Founder and CEO

David Punnamannil is the Founder & CEO of Lighthouse Voyage. He is a graduate of Trinity Western University. David's heart has always been driven to Human Rights issues, and particularly to those regarding the exploitation of women and children in India. He believes that each of us is a living opportunity to make a difference; even if only in one persons life, it matters. David hopes that we can all come together to make an impact in the lives of many by believing in each and every individual that Lighthouse is helping with.

"There are over 7 billion people on this earth. The reality is that we are not going to know each and every one of them. So when we get the opportunity to meet someone and know someone, remember how valuable it is. It's a blessing because not everyone will get the chance you have. You are valuable."


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Mark Schofield

Donor Relations Officer West Coast | Board Member

Mark joined the Lighthouse team in 2017 and is focused on providing strategic thinking and oversight to the board while growing Lighthouse’s donor base in Western Canada. Mark’s business experience includes managing a multi-million dollar oil and gas services branch, managing a commercial services start-up business and providing strategic growth and sales to an established construction company. A native of India, Mark’s passion is to give others the same chance to experience love and opportunity that he has received in life.


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Caleb Zurcher

Donor Relations Officer | Board Member

Caleb Zurcher is a donor relations officer in Calgary and has been part of the Lighthouse team since it was founded in December 2015. He also works full time at Entuitive, a structural engineering firm, as a technologist on the special projects and restoration team. Outside of work, Caleb has volunteered in youth ministry for the past 6 years. He is truly passionate about bring new hope and life to individuals whose dignity has been stripped away.


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Rachel Imperial

Communications Director | Board Member

Rachel has been a part of the Lighthouse team since it was founded in December 2015. She oversees the maintenance of the website, social media pages, and helps coordinate other media conveying the vision and values of Lighthouse. She works at BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver as an operating room nurse. Rachel has been a part of street ministries since university, and currently volunteers on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver to minister to the women who work on the streets. She desires that others find freedom from devastating circumstances and discover their own dignity and worth.


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Bailea Tayler

Event Coordinator

Bailea is passionate about dancing, people, and justice. Her heart breaks for the oppressed and she believes that we will see change in communities of oppression and hurt. She is a huge advocate of sharing our dreams and stories! "Love is not measured in reciprocity" is the statement she lives by, because, above all else, her mission is to love others well. She can't wait to hear about your heart and passions.


Kirstie Hayhoe.jpg

Kirstie Hayhoe

Volunteer Manager

Kirstie is a passionate adventurer, fascinated by the beauty of people and places. She desires for everyone to feel valued and to know that they are worthy of being loved and listened to. She strongly believes that everyone's voice needs to be heard, and endeavours to stand in the gap for those who struggle to be heard and valued in our world.

Kirstie would love to connect and hear how your skills and passions in life could connect with Lighthouse Voyage and the lives of the vulnerable children and women being rescued from human slavery.


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Emily Palmer


Emily lives and works in Vancouver as a Registered Nurse, caring for children and their families. Growing up in South Korea enabled Emily to experience the world from a unique vantage point, learning about various cultures and their customs, and eventually becoming aware of the global crisis found in human trafficking. Since that time, God has seeded and grown a passion in Emily’s heart to reach those affected by human trafficking and poverty at large. During her time at Trinity Western University, Emily led a group of students to the streets of Surrey, which extended love and hope to the homeless and those involved in prostitution. She is thrilled to be able to convey the purpose of Lighthouse Voyage with the online community, spark passion and make known the value and importance of this work locally and abroad.


Michael Sherman.jpg

Michael Sherman


Michael seeks to challenge society’s cynicism by shining light on the stories of those around us. An avid writer and musician, he believes the process of making a stranger’s story into something accessible and familiar opens up a dialogue for healing, understanding, and hope. After hearing the story of a sex-trafficking victim from a camp counselor, Michael dedicated himself to making a humanitarian impact in the field of abolition. He has joined Lighthouse Voyage as a journalist and hopes to impact lives wherever human trafficking takes place, whether abroad in India or at home in Calgary.



Your Partnership

Your passion and skills

We'd love for this spot to be yours! We have a number of projects on the go and are always looking for passionate people with whom to pool efforts and resources in our endeavors. There are currently a few areas where we need your help.

If you'd like to partner with us, please follow this link.

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