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Campaigns and Objectives

Our partners and initiatives are spread across the Indian subcontinent— we operate in three different areas in India and Nepal, and have recently taken Sri Lanka under consideration. Besides our ongoing commitments in those areas, we have also entered the final stage before breaking ground on a new shelter facility in the Tamil Nadu region.

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Regional commitments

Lighthouse Voyage supports the operations of partner organizations in three major areas in India: Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. The work we conduct and support sometimes stretches into Nepal, and we have taken under consideration future expansion into Sri Lanka.



B.A.R.E Campaign + Tamil Nadu Facility

2018 was a big year for Lighthouse Voyage. We completed the fundraising section of the construction of a new shelter facility in Tamil Nadu and saw through to completion our vision for the year: to Build, Advocate, Rescue & Rehabilitate, and Educate— BARE.