Jenitta’s story began with hardship. Starting at a young age, her father took advantage of her innocence and sexually abused her. “I didn’t know it was wrong, so it continued for years” she told us.

Her mother eventually came to the realization that her daughter was being abused, and brought Jenitta to our home in Tamil Nadu.  Jenitta told us that “after coming here I came to realize that there were other children who were abused just like me. I am happy here, I have friends and the team has looked after me so well ever since I arrived.”

Now Jenitta is sent to school, fed, and clothed. But most importantly, she is surrounded by a new community that loves her. She lives in an environment which fosters hope and generously gives opportunity. Jenitta is currently in high school, and dreams of being a teacher. “By becoming a teacher I want to help children like me who are in homes like this one.” Her ultimate dream is that no child will every have to go through the agony and trauma she has endured. We are so excited that we will get to walk with Jenitta, seeing what comes of this dream that has been planted inside of her.


A story shared by one woman:

"My father would beat my mother. All I heard were screams. I felt so helpless. One day my father told me I needed to find some kind of work in order for our family to survive. When I came over to my father's shop after school, my father’s friend was there. He kept asking me to bring him tea and biscuits. Little did I know what was going to happen. 

My father brought me to the back of the shop, and his friend came along and gave my father money. I couldn’t stop what happened next. I had no power to protect myself, and was completely vulnerable. This continued to happen every day. I didn't understand why father allowed this to happen, and I started to believe this was my lot in life. When my mother found out what was happening, she brought me to this home, left me here and ran away. I haven't seen her since. I don't even know if she's alive. I want to see her. 

Every day I thank God that my mother saved me and brought me here. All of us are looked after and loved. I have made friends and found a new mother and father here.

I am so happy and thankful for Lighthouse Voyage as they provided me with new clothes, a bed, blanket, my health and education. Thank you for loving me.”



Sharma Kani is from a small village in Tamil Nadu called Sambavarvadakarai, and she lives in one of the facilities run by our partner organization, Believers Active Mission. Currently studying in 9th grade, she has a loving and supportive home and is encouraged in her studies. Unfortunately, Sharma’s story has not always been one of love and care.

Sharma Kani’s mother is a prostitute and her family lives in poverty. Her parents did not send her to school, she had very little to eat, and she lacked a proper set of clothes. Her grandfather was an abusive man who would touch Sharma Kani inappropriately throughout the night in her house. It would be so bad, that there were nights she was unable to sleep at all. When her mother found out, she brought Sharma Kani to our partner’s facility, where she found love, rest, and comfort.

As Sharma Kani was sharing her story, she told us that after she was brought to the facility, “I was sent to school, and now I have friends, food and clothes. I am happy here. Now I can sleep safely.” Now, her dream is to become a teacher, so she will be able to help girls like herself by providing them with education and proper care. Out of brokenness and darkness, she is now working towards bringing light and life to others like her. Lighthouse is thankful to be a part of her story. **



Hi my name is Riya.

Red is my favorite color, it was what I always wore when I was young. My mom used to say it suits me, showed how beautiful I am. I used to live in a village with my family, uncles and aunts and my friends. But the life I was enjoying was taken. Everything changed once I was taken by my dad's friends into the city.

I've been in the brothel Budhwar for the last 16 years. Im 24 years old now. For the last couple months I've been in the Lighthouse Voyage rehab centre. I was rescued. For the first time in my life I saw that someone valued me, and bought me to save me. I have only seen people buy me to use me, hurt me, break me. Thank you so much!

Thank you for saving my life and supporting this organization. Thank you for believing in me, seeing I'm worth it. Everyone here is finally smiling, laughing, for the first time in a long time. I haven't laughed this much in my life.

I now wear the color red once again. Wearing it in confidence, helping me see what I lost I can still have it again, this time it will be better and different.

Thank you for believing in me, and in Lighthouse Voyage.


This is one of the stories of the women we have been able to rescue. She wanted to say thank you for believing in her, and reminding her that she is still precious and beautiful.

We can't show her face due to her safety at this time.