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Who we Are

We are a Canadian Registered Non-Profit organization partnering with local efforts in India. Our aim is to help alleviate some of the financial burden on these organizations while providing education to raise awareness of the impact they make against human trafficking. We conduct our work primarily in south, central, and northwest India, as well as in Nepal and Sri Lanka.


Lighthouse Voyage is a non-profit organization desiring change in the landscapes of justice, gender equality, and freedom. Our main purpose is to bring hope, freedom, and new life for women and children in the brothels, slavery, and slums of India. We want to be a lighthouse that shines through the darkness— the start of a new voyage for many precious lives.

The vision of Lighthouse Voyage began when I was working in North India. I met an abused woman named Sunitha, who was a victim of trafficking. We rescued her from the brothel and brought them to one of our rehab centres. She was 26 years old and had been in the brothel since age 4. As she shared her heart and story with me she spoke the words that birthed Lighthouse Voyage:

Darkness is beautiful, and so is light. In order to see the most beautiful things in this world we need darkness; only then can the light pierce through.

After hearing her powerful words, I began to see a vision of broken lives transformed and of light shining into that darkness. As Sunitha healed from her past pain of sexual abuse she also helped me heal from pain in my own life and to find hope that pushed me forward to work hard and to seek change. The words of Sunitha gave me a passion to help bring hope, joy, and new life to women and children who are exploited.

My time in India radically changed me in numerous ways. I am so thankful for the people I met, the experiences we shared, and the incredible Christ-like love they have for others. They have not given up hope, and I too will not give up hope for them.

Our vision is that everyone will see the beauty and value in the lives of these women and children. Every human being needs to be seen, heard, and loved. Every person deserves the opportunity to embark on a new voyage in life.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your tenderness, kindness, and love.


- David Punnamannil

President + Founder