Practically, the first step from slavery to freedom is intervention. On the ground in India, we investigate the sources of trafficking, work closely with the local people to make a difference in their communities, confront the pimps who hold people in slavery, Bring freedom to women and children who have been abused, and gain freedom for those in bondage.

We work side-by-side with our partners in India to conduct investigations in the brothels, slums, and villages. Together, we help in the bringing, not only of women, but children and men too, out of the streets, abuse, and slavery. Sometimes, we also receive information that allows us to rescue girls who would be killed due to their gender, elders who have been abandoned to die or put to hard labour, and children who are exploited in other ways in the villages, slums, and brothels. In all of these things, we prioritize close relationships with local people to create change in their communities.

As an organization we believe in the incredible worth of every human being, and we will not wait for a corrupt system to collapse before a single person can be rescued. We fight for each person's freedom one step at a time.