There are so many reasons that art is important to us. We believe art is one of the most underrated avenues of healing. We believe in Art as one of the foundational means of communicating truth and enacting social change. And the medium of Art is one of the main ways we raise our funds for what we do. Artists, Photographers, Musicians, and Writers all come alongside us, and together we raise awareness, educate, and raise funds to rescue and change the lives of many women and children.

Art is an incredible medium. It captures our imaginations, it rouses our passion, it enlightens and illuminates and reveals something perhaps inexpressible by other means. There is such a high value in art, we believe, because God is the grand Artist and we as human beings are all both a masterpiece in His image and a sub-creator along with him. Our Art matters because of whose Art we are and who we make our Art for. We also hope that all of us, as artists, truly believe that our gifts and talents can really make an impact as we join in on God's redemptive plan to make all things beautifully new.

We are continually looking for Artists to come on board with us to make a difference. If that is you, please fill in the form below!

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