Welcome to Lighthouse Voyage! It is a great honour and blessing to welcome you into the Lighthouse family. First off, I want to thank those who have shown their support as we begin this great voyage. I hope you will keep journeying along with us as we witness transformative beauty rising from the grounds of injustice in India.

The vision of Lighthouse Voyage began when I was ministering in North India. I met an abused woman who was a victim of trafficking. As she shared her heart and story with me, she spoke the words that birthed Lighthouse Voyage: “Darkness is beautiful, and so is light. In order to see the most beautiful things in this world we need darkness; only then can the light pierce through.” Through her powerful words, I began to see a vision of broken lives transformed and light shining into that darkness.

During my time in India, I worked with both Believers Active Mission and Mercy Missions, the organizations that Lighthouse supports. I was blessed to have the incredible opportunity to work among the women and children who are suffering in the rural slums and brothels of India - I experienced firsthand what it is like to live in such conditions. Seeing the devastation of my home country broke my heart and tore at my soul. My heart yearned to see restoration for the women and children living enslaved.

My time in India radically changed me in numerous ways. I am so thankful for the people I met, the experiences we shared, and the incredible Christ-like love they have for others. They have not given up hope, and I will not give up hope for them either.

Our vision is that everyone will see the beauty and value in the lives of these women and children. Every human being needs to be seen, heard, and loved. Every person deserves the opportunity to embark on a new voyage in life.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your tenderness, kindness, and love. We hope you will join us in prayer and support.

Founder & President,

David Punnamannil