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Andhra Pradesh

Providing help in the rural areas of India

Our work here is focused on a rural area 5 hours away from the nearest city of Hyderabad. Here we focus on teaching new farming techniques and other ways to provide steady revenue streams to families, providing education for children, and teaching that every life has value. Many of India’s rural areas have a higher proportion of children, translating to a higher rate of child labor, slavery, and sexual exploitation.

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Uttar Pradesh

Providing medicine and education

This is a state that is known for its inequality, violence, and religious tensions. We work in the slums and brothels of the city of Gorakhpur. The residents here have been largely relegated to the lower castes, and many of the women in these areas are sex slaves. Children are also sold, sometimes by their parents, into prostitution at ages as low as 4 years.

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Madhya Pradesh

Rescuing victims of sex trafficking and providing rehab for men, women and children

In this state, which is plagued by inequality towards women, the elderly, and people with any type of disability, we bring medicine and education to the lowest castes. These people are out of reach of general necessities, frequently have major needs, and are many are shunned by the rest of the community. Many people are ostracized or quarantined due to their illness, such as AIDS or leprosy, and are therefore not given proper education and health care.

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