At Lighthouse Voyage, everything we do, to combat trafficking, help destitute women and children, and rescue those who are exploited comes from an understanding that this is fundamentally a human issue. As we help these precious human beings, we bring value, purpose, and new life for each individual. Human trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, and sexual abuse have broken hearts and impoverished God’s purpose for people. We saw a need to step in. We have an obligation. To accomplish this, we provide funds that will help locate victims of exploitation, bring them to new safe housing for restoration, set them up for brighter futures, create new strategies for tackling the social issues of trafficking, and intervene with traffickers who need their lives changed as well.

We conduct our work primarily in south, central, northwest India, as well as Nepal, and Sri Lanka. We are not alone in this fight; much of what we do is accomplished through partnerships with an organization on the ground in India such as Believers Active Missions, we are looking to establish a partnership with International Justice Ministries for their legal expertise, and none of it would be possible without support from friends, donors, partners in prayer, and brothers and sisters in Christ.